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All Company members are required to read the Handbook and understand how our Company operates. You can download the Handbook by clicking it here. OR scroll down the page to read each part of the Handbook


General information- Contact

  • Advisor Contact Information
    • FUSD email:
    • Computech email: 
    • Cell phone: 
    • Classroom: 559-457-2640, room 91
    • Class website: 
      • All contact information can be found under Contact on the website
  • Contact Requirement
    • All Company members are required to contact the Advisor if they will miss class/rehearsal. They can call, text, or email. The preference is 24 hours’ notice, but as soon as the Company member knows they will miss they must let the advisor know.
    • Make up work cannot be guaranteed if the Company member does not contact the Advisor about their absence. And the Company reserves the right to remove a Company member from a show, project, or the entire Company for failure to adhere to the contact policy.


  • Remind
    • The Company uses the app Remind for all shows. Company members are required to join Remind when working on any show.
    • Entrance codes will be provided at the first rehearsal.


  • Google Classroom
    • The Company uses Google Classroom for all shows. Company members are required to join Google Classroom when working on any show.
    • Entrance codes will be provided at the first rehearsal.


general information- websites

  • Class website:
    • The class website will be used for all class work.
    • Students are expected to check the class website every day
    • All tabs on the calendar can be clicked at any time to provide information for that week’s plan.
  • Company website:
    • The Company website will be used for all Company business and promotions for shows.

class policies

classroom rules

  1. Do not speak when I am speaking
  2. Be prepared every day, including your device and power supply
  3. Participate in a positive working environment
  4. Be in your seat, ready to work when the bell rings
  5. No gum, food, or drinks. Water OK
  6. No leaving without a pass
  7. No disparaging comments
  8. Please wait to be dismissed
  9. Backpacks must be placed in cubbies, DO NOT block the cabinets


Notes are the theatrical term for feedback.

All Directors and Captains are expected to give constructive notes to improve performances. Only the Advisor, designated Company members, and professional guests will give notes. Notes will only apply to performance and improvement. No personal attacks will be permitted.

Company members are expected to take the notes and apply their corrections immediately without argument.


  1. One warning and the opportunity to correct the mistake
  2. Break detention in my room
  3. Lunch detention in my room
  4. Edison Computech discipline procedures begin

NOTE: If a substitute leaves your name for any negative reason that constitutes an automatic office referral.

behavior expectations

  1. Do not disrupt class by drawing unnecessary attention to yourself
  2. Treat everyone with respect and work cooperatively
  3. Give your best effort
  4. Respect the property of others, if it is not yours, do not touch it.
  5. Express your opinions respectfully
  6. Willingly try every activity positively
  7. Be prepared to perform every day

extra credit

Extra Credit assignments will only be accepted if a student has completed all regular credit assignment, including redo opportunities of those assignments.


A student can earn extra credit points toward their regular quarter grade by:

  • Watch any on-stage performance: 10 points
    • Must present a program from the performance.
    • Can include plays, music shows, improv, any on-stage performance
    • Can be professional or amateur levels
  • Volunteer to perform first on any performance day: 5 points
  • Turn in unused bathroom passes each quarter: 20 points
  • I reserve the right to assign points for participation

daily procedure

  1. Enter room 91 quietly, place items in the cubbies
  2. Read the board for required items for the day, get all your items
  3. If appropriate, get a chair, sit, ready to work
  4. Lesson/Rehearsal
  5. Final notes, dismissal

bathroom procedure

  1. Write the period number, the date, and your name on the pass
  2. Cut out the pass
  3. Place the pass in the black filer on the Student bookshelf, take the Edison Computech pass with you
  4. Go to the bathroom quickly
  5. Return quietly and continue your work


  • You may use the bathroom only if you have a bathroom pass
  • Do not ask to use the bathroom without a pass
  • Do not use anyone else’s passes
  • Do not allow your bathroom passes to be given to anyone else
  • If you are caught misusing the passes, you both will lose all your passes for the quarter
  • It is your responsibility to catch up on work or instruction missed
  • Do not disrupt class as you leave or return

other procedures

  1. No pen/pencil- you may borrow a pen/pencil from me, but you are expected to return it to me. For each item I lend out, the entire class will be held for 15 seconds at the end of class.


  1. Competition fees- You must communicate to Mrs. Hibler your intention to compete in any competition. You may pay your entrance fee up until the morning of the competition. However, if you are officially entered and do not compete you will still be held accountable for the fee.


  1. Late work– you may turn in late work until the last day of the quarter, all late work will be deducted 10% from its final grade. All late work is due by 4 PM on the last day of the quarter. A zero marked “missing” will be put into ATLAS on or after the due date of all assignments. This is designed as a reminder for students to get the assignment turned in. The zero will remain in ATLAS until the assignment has been received.


  1. Absent work– you are guaranteed the same number of days you were absent to turn in any work without penalty. However, if you do not turn in your work in the specified time, it becomes late and will be subject to the Late Work policy.


  1. Regrades: All missed points will be provided to students in the form of feedback on all graded assignments. Students have the option of fixing all mistakes and turning in the work again for a regrade. This does NOT apply to quizzes or performances. This only applies to work in the same quarter it was graded/assigned.


  1. Written assignments– You are expected to write in ink on all graded assignments. Acceptable ink colors are blue and black. Any assignment not written in the specified colors or pencil will receive a 2% deduction of its final grade. You also have the option of typing any assignment. Acceptable typed assignments: Times New Roman font, 12 point, double spaced. Any typed assignment not meeting these standards will receive a 10-point deduction of its final grade. Students should download and use the “Written Response Format” document for style and format of all written responses.


  1. Turning in assignments– Your assignment will be considered “turned in” when you place it in the black filer near the classroom door or email it to All assignments turned into the filer are due by 3 PM on the due date. You also have the option of sharing assignments with me via Google docs or emailing work. All shared assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day it is due.


  1. Share homework

Label homework: period/your full name/the assignment title


Emails not shared with correct email and/or labeled correctly will be deleted.

written response procedures

Directions: All written responses must meet every Style, Format, Content and grammar/spelling requirements


Style: (10 points)

  • Responses can be typed or handwritten
    • If typed:
      • Times New Roman
      • 12-point font
      • double spaced
    • If handwritten:
      • blue or black ink
      • one side of the paper
      • legible


Page Format: (10 points)

  • Responses must have a title
    • Title in the CENTER of the page under student information
  • Page numbers
  • Indent first word of each paragraph
  • Response format:
    • All student information at the TOP RIGHT of the page
      • Your name (first and last)
      • Class period number
      • Date turned in


Content: (10 points)

  • Responses must include a thesis and supporting evidence
  • Defend all arguments or choices with the word “because”
  • Cite your evidence by using page number, title and author
  • Paragraphs are 7 sentences
  • If discussing a designer or actor, use their name


Spelling/Grammar: (10 points)

  • All punctuation is correct
  • All words are spelled correctly
  • Capitalization is correct
  • All titles are cited correctly
    • Plays: Underlined Wicked
    • Articles: Quotes “Lin Manuel Miranda is On the Stage”




theatre: acting/directing

In theatre all casts must rehearse to be prepared for excellent performances.

Objective: To learn to rehearse properly so you can use your time efficiently.

Rehearsal Responsibilities:

Stage Managers (SM)

  • Keep cast on task the entire time
  • Begin and end on time
  • Have a clear expectation of each cast member for the rehearsal
    • What should the cast member have prepared at home?
    • What should the cast member have with them?
    • What homework does the cast member have to be ready for the next rehearsal?
  • Give clear, honest feedback
  • Praise only when earned
  • Use your theatre knowledge to offer help and support for corrections
  • Teach cast how to make corrections quickly
  • Decide where to rehearse, communicate that information to the Advisor and then your cast
    • Stage
    • 91
    • The Green 91

Cast Members

  • Listen to your SM and the Advisor
  • Do what the SM asks the first time
  • Stay on task
  • Take corrections and apply them quickly
  • Do not direct from stage, try it the SM’s way first
  • Stay with your cast


In stagecraft all crews must research and work together.

Objective: To learn to work properly so you can use your time efficiently.

Research Responsibilities:

  • Have your computer and power cord every day
  • Have your research binder


Crew work Responsibilities:

  • Always wear eye protection
  • Always wear clothing protection
  • Never go into another crew’s workspace
  • Count all supplies before and after you use them
  • Work slowly
  • No horseplay or messing around

Keep workspace clean and organized

forensics: speech/debate

In Speech all team members must rehearse to be competition ready

Objective: To learn to rehearse properly so you can use your time efficiently.

Rehearsal Responsibilities:

  • Stay on task the entire time
  • Decide where to rehearse, communicate that information to the Advisor
    • 91
    • The Green 91
  • Listen to Mrs. Hibler and/or your Speech Captain
  • Take corrections and apply them quickly
  • Work by yourself unless in a duo
  • Get memorized as soon as possible
  • Do not disrupt others
  • It is your responsibility to schedule rehearsal/blocking time with the Advisor

Forensics: Debate

In Debate all team members must rehearse to be competition ready

Rehearsal Responsibilities:

  • Stay on task the entire time
  • Listen to the Advisor and/or your Debate Captain
  • Take corrections and apply them quickly
  • Work in small groups for research and practice
  • Do not disrupt others
  • Have your computer and charger

Disagree in a respectful manner

course descriptions


theatre: acting/directing

  • Acting class
    • For all First-Year students
    • 7 or 8 grade students
    • Must complete this class before advancing in the program
    • Learn basics of on-stage performance
  • Advanced Acting class
    • Second Year students can choose to join the Advanced Acting program in January
    • 8 graders only
    • Must pass Theatre 1 with a C or better
    • Learn advanced characterization techniques
  • Director class
    • Invitation process
    • 8 graders only
    • Must pass Theatre 1 with C or better
    • Must maintain good standing in the program
    • Learn how to produce and direct shows
    • The Company reserves the right to remove any student from the Director’s program if they are not meeting expectations. If removed, the student will join the Advanced Acting program.


  • 2-Year rotation Designer class
    • 7 or 8 grade students
    • Learn basics of designing shows
  • Year 1
    • Script analysis
    • World of the Play (WOP)
    • Set
    • Costume
    • Makeup
  • Year 2
    • Script analysis
    • World of the Play (WOP)
    • Props
    • Lighting
    • Sound

forensics: Speech/debate

  • 2- Year rotation Class
    • 7 or 8 grade students
    • Learn basics of performance, competition, and all events
  • Year 1
    • Interps
      • DI, HI, DUO, OI, POI, STO, PRO, OPP
    • Public Forum debate
  • Year 2
    • Speaking
      • OO, OA, EXPOS, IMP
    • Public Forum debate
  • Team Captains
    • The Team has 2 Captains
    • Chosen by the previous year Captains
    • Must be in good standing in the program
    • Both Captain’s names will be engraved on our Team plaque
    • The Company reserves the right to remove any Captain from their position for any reason.
  • Competitions
    • All middle school tournaments are held on Thursdays
      • Required attendance and competing
    • All high school tournaments are held on Saturdays
      • Optional attendance and competing
    • Extra/optional rehearsals on Wednesdays after school

company information

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safe/positive environment

Our Company is committed to providing a safe, positive, educational, and accepting experience to all students. Discrimination and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the Company. Our Company holds every member to a standard of conduct and treatment.

  • Use correct names
  • Use correct pronouns
  • Say “Thank you” and “please” in all verbal exchanges
  • Use names when addressing each other
  • Actively learn and use every name and pronoun of every Company member
  • Always give respect even if you are not receiving respect
  • Every Company member will help in any capacity when they are asked
  • Positively attempt everything you are asked

company pride

Company Title: The Computech Theatre Company, home of the Computech Players

Company Motto: “Solve the Problem”Company

Actors will be known as: PlayersCompany

Stagecraft students will be known as: Designers

Company behind the scenes workers will be known as: Crew

Company show leaders will be known as: Production Team

Forensics students will be known as: The Computech Speech and Debate Team


company swag

Show shirts

Most Fall shows will provide a show shirt as the show gift to all who participate in the show

Shirt costs will be covered by the Company and given free of charge

Show shirt should be black

Computech Student Store sells Theatre Company shirts for $10

Depending on the show, the store might sell other show swag such as sweatshirts and bags

All purchases at the store are student chosen and not required by the Company

Some items are made to order, always ask

Forensics polo shirts

The Team will provide one competition appropriate polo Team shirt for every Team member, free of charge


district program

Our Company is currently one of four FUSD Middle School Theatre programs. The goal is every middle school provides a comprehensive performance arts program. Every program will follow the same curriculum to prepare students to enter high school and professional theatre work.

District Title: Fresno Unified Middle School Theatre (FUMST)

District Motto: All the World is a Stage

Three other middle schools

Ahwahnee: The Ahwahnee Arts Collective

Fort Miller: The Fort Miller Theatre Company Sequoia: The Sequoia Players


company trips

Our Company takes various trips throughout the school year for student enrichment and competition opportunities.

Trip requirements

Valid, signed permission slip

Grade eligible for optional, school day trips

C or better in all classes

Disneyland workshops

During the Spring semester, our Company along with the Music department can travel to Disneyland for training in various workshops.

Trip is on a weekend, not a school day. Grade eligibility not

No refunds for the trip

Behavior expectations

Roosevelt School of the Arts performances

Our Company attends two shows at Roosevelt High School, fall show and spring musical

During the school day, grade eligible required

It is important for theatre students to see live theatre done well

Price is $1 per student


Our Company can attend Theatre Festivals

During the school day, grade eligible required

No refunds for trips

Forensics competitions

Our Team attends and competes in all middle school Forensics tournaments

Required trip for the Team, grade eligibility not required

During the school day

Middle School fees paid for the student by the Team

High school fees paid by the student, no refunds


In addition to the funds provided to us by our school, our Company will fundraise to provide all the opportunities for our members. All funds raised will go directly into our PTSO account and be used only for student projects.

Fundraising options:

  • Ticket sales
  • One fundraiser a year for sponsorships
  • Sell swag at the show
  • Refreshment booth
  • Donations

company accounts

All Company money will be kept in school approved accounts. Only approved personnel will have access to funds.

Theatre Account: PTSO

All purchases must be approved by the show directors

All receipts for purchases will be given to the PTSO representative for accounting

Purchases can be used for show or class needs

Forensics Account: Student Body

All purchases must be approved by the Team Captains

Purchases can be used for competition and class needs


May be given when proper receipts are presented, and all paperwork has been submitted and approved.

parent involvement

We believe parents are a vital part of our Company and we welcome them in a support capacity. Parents of active Company members can claim the title Honorary Company member. We welcome any kind of donations to support our students.

A Company parent can be involved by:

Consumable donations

The most needed and appreciated donations are in the form of consumables.



Meals for performance days or competition days

Monetary donations

Make checks payable to: The Computech Theatre Company


Stock donations



Set pieces


Building/painting supplies


Disney trip

Field trips

company traditions

Our Company has many traditions as we build the history of the program. Our traditions are meant to celebrate and encourage Company members.

  1. Theatre/Stagecraft Traditions
    • Cast/Crew party
      • Every show will host a Cast and Crew party to celebrate our hard work
      • After Strike, the entire cast and crew are invited to the party
      • If a member does not attend Strike, they cannot attend the party
      • Party is held after school the day after Strike is completed
      • Cast and Crew are encouraged to bring food and beverages
    • Show gifts
      • The Company will provide a show gift for every student involved in the production, free of charge
      • Directors provide gifts to their Production Team and all Crew Leads
      • Production Team provides a gift to Directors and all Crew Leads
      • Crew Leads provide a gift for each Crew member
      • Gifts will be presented at the Cast/Crew party
    • Shoutouts
      • During the Cast/Crew party, members are encouraged to “Shout Out” fun moments or inside jokes from the show
      • No one is called on, it is spontaneous
    • Show memes
      • Company members are encouraged to provide memes about the show we are working on, students can create their own memes or use ones from the internet
      • Memes will be posted in room 91 for the duration of the show
      • Memes will be given out at the Cast/Crew party for members to take
    • Flowers and public thank you for directors on the last performance
      • A public thank you will be included closing night of every show
      • Flowers are provided
      • Directors are called to the stage and given an opportunity to speak
    • Pre-show encouragement
      • Admin speaking- an Administrator is invited to speak to the cast and crew on Opening Night.
      • We all sit together in the House
      • Directors speak
      • Advisor speaks
      • Dinner together- dinner is provided on show days and we eat together
        • Cast must wear aprons
        • Crew eats first
      • “All the World is a Stage” sign
        • Our District Motto is posted next to both doors in our rehearsal space
        • To show our Company commitment to the motto, every member will hit the sign as they pass it and enter the world
        • We are committed to upholding who we are and how we treat others as we represent our Company everywhere
      • Pins
        • 2 Shows Pin
          • If a Company member participates in two consecutive shows in their time at Computech, they will earn the 2 Show Pin.
        • 3 Shows Medal
          • If a Company member participates in three consecutive shows in their time at Computech, they will earn the 3 show medal
        • 2-year Pin
          • If a Company member graduates from the Two-Year program with a C or better, they will earn the 2-Year Pin.
        • Birthday tiara
          • Every Company member who has a birthday during the school year will have the opportunity to wear a tiara for the duration of class
          • Our Company believes a birthday is “a day anyone can wear a tiara, and no one can accuse you of being crazy.”
        • Warmups
          • We stand in a circle and warm up together prior to competition or show
  2. Forensics Traditions
    • Forensics Captain’s Plaque
      • Every Team Captain will have their name engraved on our Forensics Team Captains Plaque along with the year they served the Team.
    • Circle of Solidarity
      • After competitions, the Forensics Team will sit in a circle and discuss the tournament
      • We throw the Angry Bird to the next speaker
      • Everything said in the Circle is sacred and will not be repeated
    • Warmups
      • Warmups will be completed in a circle
      • Prior to every competition the Team Captains will run verbal warmups with our Team
      • Participation in warmups is required and a vital part of unity as a team
      • Any member of any other team is welcome in our warmup circle
    • “Thank you” and walk away
      • Our team will not engage in negative discussions or negative interactions in any public place while we are representing our school and our Team.
      • Team members who are approached in a negative way will respond by saying, “Thank you” and walk away from the situation
      • The team member is expected to report the event to our Team Captains and to the Advisor
    • 2-Year Pin
      • Every Forensics Team member who completes the two-year program with a C or better will be given a Forensics pin.

production information

Our Company has specific policies regarding how our public shows are produced. We value our audience as a vital part of our shows and each policy is designed to produce the most professional experience for audiences. We value the quality of our productions and strive to provide the most professional training for our students.


show job descriptions

Our Company has many jobs needing to be performed for our program to succeed. Students who serve the Company in these capacities are expected to maintain good standing in school and grades.


production team

  • Director(s)
    • One or two students who produce and lead the show
    • Make final decisions for the show
    • Application required
    • Runs all rehearsals
    • Delegates work to the Production Team
    • Works with the Advisor to create the show
  • Assistant Director
    • One student to help the Director lead the show
    • Makes decisions with the Director
  • Stage Manager
    • One student who calls every cue in the show
    • Must write all cues and directions to create Prompt Book
    • Takes over the show at least one week prior to Opening
  • Assistant Stage Manager
    • One student to help the SM call the show
    • Always on book for line accuracy
    • Takes and gives line notes to actors at every rehearsal
  • Advisor
    • Adult who gives support to the Director and Production Team
    • Helps promote the show
    • Handles management work for the show including royalties
    • Reports to the Director
  • Music Director
    • Adult who leads the music for a Musical
    • Runs music rehearsals
    • Reports to the Director


crew leads

  • House Lead
    • Set up House for audience, includes chairs, refreshment booth and ticket booth
    • Run refreshment booth and ticket booth
    • Build and run a House crew
    • Handles the money for each performance
  • Costume Lead
    • Design and build (or pull) costumes and makeup for show
    • Get designs approved by Director
    • Maintain the Costume Shop
    • Train crew in makeup application
    • Build and run a Costume crew
  • Tech Lead (Sound/Lights)
    • Design sound and lights for show
    • Get designs approved by Director
    • Can divide this Lead into two Leads: Light Lead and Sound Lead
    • Build and run a Tech crew
    • Maintain all tech gear
  • Set Lead
    • Design and build set for show
    • Get designs approved by Director
    • Maintain set stock
    • Build and run a Set crew
  • Props Lead
    • Design and build props for show
    • Get designs approved by Director
    • Maintain Props Room
    • Build and run a Props crew
  • Makeup/Hair Lead
    • Designs all makeup and hair for the show
    • Build, train and run a crew
    • Applies makeup and does hair for actors


production policies

  • Ticket prices
    • General admission: $5 online, $7 at the door
    • We reserve the right to waive, increase or alter all ticket prices
    • Children under 3: Free
    • We accept cash and check as forms of payment
    • We reserve the right to give complementary tickets
  • Complementary tickets
    • Comp tickets are given at the discretion of the Advisor and Directors
    • Can be given for services rendered to the production
  • Show Times
    • Evening shows doors open at 6, curtain 6:30
    • Matinee doors open at 2, curtain at 2:30
  • Refreshments
    • Sold at every show
    • Every item is $1 unless special items for the show
    • Booth is located at Back of House Right
    • House Crew is responsible for setting up and operating
    • Refreshments will be sold before show, during intermission and after show
    • Every member of the cast and crew is allowed water bottles free of charge
  • House Set up
    • House Crew is responsible for setting up and tearing down
    • 10 seats per row
    • 2 floor squares between each row
    • Chair colors are the same
    • One large aisle down the center
    • Trash cans on either side of the House
    • At least 10 floor squares between the stage and the first row
  • Cast and Crew Show Attendance
    • Mandatory for all shows
    • Call time 3 PM on 6:30 PM show days
    • Call time 11 AM on 2:30 PM show days
    • Call time 6 AM on 9 AM show days
  • Copyright
    • No video or pictures during the show
    • Professional pictures and video will be available on our website after the last performance
    • Social media posts must be pre-approved before posted
  • Understudies
    • Some shows might have understudies
    • No performance is guaranteed to understudies
    • Understudies are expected to be off book and show ready
    • Understudies can be cast in the show in addition to casting as an understudy
  • Show Program
    • Includes bios and pics of cast and crew
      • If a cast or crew member does not provide their bio by the due date, we reserve the right to write it for the Company member.
    • Includes autograph pages
    • Includes director notes and Advisor notes
  • Poster/tickets
    • When possible, the design should feature Company members
    • Student designed
    • Every classroom is provided with a complimentary poster
      • Teachers have the right to choose to keep the poster or donate it back to the Company.
    • Any Company member who appears on the poster is guaranteed a complimentary poster
    • Extra posters and tickets will be available to cast and crew at the party to keep as souvenirs
  • Strike
    • Attendance is mandatory for all cast and crew
    • The first school day following closing
    • A crew must be dismissed after their space has been inspected and approved by both the Advisor and Directors


show rehearsal policies

  • Attendance
    • Mandatory when called
    • Communication is required for missing a call
    • We reserve the right to dismiss any cast or crew member for lack of attendance
  • Rehearsal Dress
    • Closed toe shoes
    • No layers
    • Hair pulled back, off face
    • Ease of movement
  • Behavior
    • Every cast and crew member will be silent during rehearsal
    • Maintain a positive, professional environment
  • Closed to public
    • Only Company members or Computech staff are allowed in rehearsals
    • Anyone not in the Company wishing to join a rehearsal must receive prior permission from the Advisor and Directors
  • Rehearsal times and location
    • 3-4:30 PM
    • Room 91
    • Stage/Cafeteria
    • To get home, students will take 4:30 bus

We reserve the right to extend rehearsal time. Company members will be given at least a week’s notice if rehearsal will be extended so they can make transportation arrangements. If proper notice is not given, a student is not required to stay after 4:30.



For all public productions, auditions are required for casting. We reserve the right to pre-cast any show.

  • Audition Panel
    • Every show will be cast using an Audition Panel of Casting Directors
    • Casting Directors can include:
      • Show Directors
      • Show Advisor
      • Production Team
      • Theatre professionals
      • School administration
    • Every Audition Panel member must commit to the entire casting process including all audition days and Casting meeting
    • Casting Directors agrees that all casting choices and discussions are kept private and commit to protect the process
  • Audition/Crew forms
    • All actors must complete an Audition Form in order to audition
    • All crew must complete a Crew Form in order to be put on a crew
  • Types of auditions
    • Cold read
      • Actors are provided with Audition Sides at least one week prior to auditions
      • Actors will be put in small groups to read sides at the audition
    • Monologues
      • Actors must come prepared to perform with a 1-2 minute monologue
    • Unless otherwise determined:
      • Fall show auditions will be a cold read audition.
      • Spring show auditions will be a monologues audition.
    • Musical auditions
      • Actor must be prepared to sing up to 1 minute of any song, acapella
      • Possible dancing component, audition choreography will be taught
    • Cast and Crew List
      • Posted on the Company website on a Friday after 7 PM
      • We reserve the right to post cast and crew lists later than Friday
      • We always post lists on a weekend
      • We will never post a first cast and crew list outside the classroom